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adventures in filmmaking



Espisode 4: The Explorers Club, Meagan McGrath
Search for Adventure


High altitude mountaineer Meagan McGrath explores the world of hurricane force winds, bone numbing temperatures and unstable snow slopes as she attempts to climb the world's highest mountains in a journey of spiritual and personal discovery.

Through her words and actions and in the eyes of those who know or share her path, we will uncover what drives an explorer to the extreme, and what they find along the way.

A Florianfilm/Fringe Filmworks co-production
Running Time: 45 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Director: Ivan Hughes
Producer: Angela Heck

Watch the trailer on Vimeo

Release date: 2012 

Meagan McGrath on Mt Everest


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Soul of the Sea

- download film synopsis and details here


Adventurer Hayley Shephard sets out on January 2010 to attempt the very first solo sea kayak journey around the Sub Antarctic island of South Georgia. South Georgia is an exceptionally isolated, storm-torn island which stands ultimately alone in the middle of the Southern Ocean between South America and Antarctica.

Hayley’s goal for this challenging journey is to create public awareness for the devastating decline in Albatross populations due to outdated techniques used in the long line fishing industry. This expedition represents a true exploration into the heart of nature at its most extreme vs. one very determined woman with a worthy cause.

Running Time: 47 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Release date: 2012

Hayley Shephard


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The Man Who Named Antarctica


In 1943, Canadian Andrew Taylor started out as part of a small, top-secret British expedition to the Antarctic dubbed Operation Tabarin. Little did he know he would lead the team that established the first permanently-occupied bases on the "Ice".

Running Time: 52 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Director/Producer/Writer: Angela Heck
Development Financing: University of Manitoba
Release date: 2012 


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